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    Week 3 – Stupid Pet Trick -> Proximity Gauge

    2009 - 09.29

    My Stupid Pet Trick project is a proximity gauge.  I am using a range finder sensor to detect how close an object is to the sensor.  The proximity gauge will turn on a different LED’s depending how close the object is.  A green LED will turn on when an object is more than 1 ft. away.  A yellow LED will turn on when an object is within 6 inches away.  A red LED will turn on when an object is within 3 inches away.  When an object is an inch away the red LED will blink rapidly.   I then added sound to the proximity gauge.  A tone is emitted and changes pitch depending how close an object is.  The higher the pitch is the farther an object is from the proximity gauge.

    Week 3 Stupid Pet Trick ->Proximity Gauge from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.

    Week 2 – Variables, Random, Triangles

    2009 - 09.24

    In this exercise I used the Random function for deciding the color, size and position for each triangle on the screen. Also, when the mouse button is click the programming resets and begins drawing new triangles.

    I achieved the desired effect of the triangle spawning from the upper left, by give negative numbers to the random function.

    Check it out.

    Fantasy Device – HotRod

    2009 - 09.23

    My Fantasy Device that I would love to have is the ability to create electricity from heat.  The HotRod can be used to charge any electrical device.  Simply put the HotRod under your arm pit, in the sun, or near any other source of heat and you will have electricity.   The HotRod will automatically charge your devices within 4 meters of it.

    Week 2 – Analog Sensor Input

    2009 - 09.23

    This exercise explores the use of a analog sensor and the Arduino to read a variable range of data from the analog sensor.

    This video shows the data stream from the analog input. The Arduino is converting analog signal into a digital data stream.