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    Week 1 – Screen Drawing

    2009 - 09.16

    This is my first attempt at programming in Processing and programing in general.
    Here is the link to my Screen Drawing for ICM.

    Sensor Walk

    2009 - 09.16

    When I  walk the streets of my neighborhood I notice a multitude of cameras.  Walking down W 3rd St. I notice that every store, club, and residence has some sort of surveillance system. I observe cameras watching those who enter and leave a building.   Store cameras watch shoppers.   I notice one NYPD camera post watching multiple angles.  I can see the cameras were pointed at street traffic.  One camera is able to rotate and watch those entering and leaving from multiple subway locations.

    There are ATM’s everywhere.  There are ATM’s placed in every nook and cranny along the sidewalks.  I notice parking meters that allow one to pay via credit card.  On W. Houston and LaGuardia Pl I find a Fire and Police call box.  I see that the street lights have orange beacon lights on top of them.  I do not know what the beacon lights are used for.  Heading back to my apartment I notice an NYU building with 10 camera along one wall.

    Week 1 – First Arduino Program

    2009 - 09.11

    I joined the physcomp listserve, introduced myself and added my blog link.

    For week 1, our first lab exercise was to create a program using the Arduino, a switch, a couple of resistors and two LED lights.
    Here is the movie of me testing my first Arduino program.