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    Week 6 – Serial Communication I

    2009 - 10.21

    Here I am taking the input from 2 analog knobs and 1 pressure sensor and showing the values on my laptop. The inputs are connected to the Arduino, the Arduino converts those inputs into a serial string of values to the laptop. The laptop then displays those values.

    Week 5 – FlickrFeed

    2009 - 10.15

    This week I pull Flickr’s User Feed into Processing and display this first tagged photo of the feed. My visions of grander was greatly impeded when I encountered an error displaying the photos actually size. I had to use the thumbnail size photos of the feed instead.
    Here is a movie of the application.

    FlickrFeed Application

    Week 4 – Servo Control

    2009 - 10.08

    The servo is controlled by a force pad. The greater force I apply to the pad the further the servo turns.

    Week 4 – Tone Output

    2009 - 10.08

    Here I am using two photocells to control the tone. One photocell increase the pitch when light is decreased and the other decreases the pitch when light is decrease.