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    Solar Design Presentation 3

    2009 - 11.06

    Presentation 3

    Week 8 – Midterm Media Controller

    2009 - 11.04

    For my midterm project we were asked to create a media controller. My group choose to controller New York City ambient sounds.  We began our project by recording everyday sounds that one would hear in New York City.  Our controller consists of pods that control the volume level of individual sounds. The volume level is increased by shaking the pod and decreased by suddenly moving the pod downwards.

    See the video:

    Week 7-8 – Midterm – Audio Visualization

    2009 - 11.04

    For the midterm I choose to visualize sound through Processing. I am using Processing to display individual graphics that correspond to individual audio frequencies. The bigger picture of my idea is to see through sound. I would like to bounce sound waves off objects in a room and display them on a screen. This process is much the same way a dolphin or a bat can detect objects without sight. Once, I am able to display visualization of sounds I will then be able to visualize objects through the sound that they return.

    Project Link