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    Week 3 – Oscillation

    2010 - 02.15

    After hours of playing around I manage to create a oscillating ball that follows a figure 8 pattern.  I have a larger center ball that appear to be affected by the oscillation of the smaller ball to give the movement a more natural feel.  It looks like those atomic simulations.

    Flux Capacitor

    Week 3 – Review of Blender

    2010 - 02.11

    Part of my assignment was to review the 3D application Blender v2.49.  I have a background in 3D animation and modeling and I wanted to see how Blender stacks up against industry staples such as Maya and 3D Studio Max.

    Blender is a free application and is available on the PC, Mac, and Linux.  This is definitely a plus because the other applications cost thousand of dollars more. Every 3D application have areas where certain task are easier to accomplish than others.  For me Maya is very intuitive and easy to work in.


    I downloaded and installed version 2.49 of Blender for the Mac.   I then went to their tutorial section and found that they have a couple of video tutorials of the interface, different modeling technics, animation, and rendering.  I began with the interface video.  I had to re-watch the video because of found the instructor confusing.  Nevertheless, I persevered  and tried to create an object.   Blender has some feature that are similar to Maya such as the spacebar menu.  I found this intuitive to create models.  The manipulation tools of Blender are hard to work with.  Blender relies a lot on keyboard shortcuts.  For a beginner it is very hard to work in Blender without remembering the keyboard shortcuts.  I did get use to the mouse buttons and how they function.  This I liked a lot.  Selecting objects were easy to do and I can move among many objects with ease.  There is a steep learning curve with Blender and compared to the interfaces of Maya and 3D Studio Max it is very different.  I have had only a week to play with Blender and couldn’t judge accurately if this is a good program or not.  I did see some of the examples that were created in Blender and I can see that is program has great potential.

    Week 3 – Tech Research

    2010 - 02.10

    One of the open questions we talked about in class was a way to remotely monitor the monkeys.  One of the solutions that I thought would work is establishing radio antenna stations throughout the observation area.  These antenna stations could sense when a tagged monkey enters it’s range and either log or relay that information back to base camp.

    Having the antenna stations logging when they detect the tagged monkey would be the simplest form of passive tracking the monkeys.   The data logged can then be used to triangulate the location of the tagged monkeys.

    Researching radio waves spectrum

    Discusses how a radio wave behaves

    Radio Tower Handovers

    Week 2 – LEGO Crane

    2010 - 02.04

    Luis and I met on to build a Lego Crane.  The crane used levers and pulleys two of the simple machines in mechanisms.

    Photo Gallery

    Lego Crane With Hand Crank from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.

    Lego Crane With Motor Winch from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.