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    Artist Paul Vanouse

    2011 - 04.13

    Paul Vanouse is an artist who works in emerging media forms.  He combines many academic fields and impassioned amateurism to guide his artwork.  His artwork has addressed complex issues raised by new technologies and using them as a medium.

    His demonstration Latent Figure Protocol uses DNA samples to create emergent representational images.   Using different enzymes, primers and molecular probes.  DNA can be segmented and produce banding patterns.  He uses these banding patterns to create familiar symbols.

    Bioluminescent Algae

    2011 - 04.13

    Bioluminescent algae produce a blue glowing light when physically disturbed.

    Culturing bioluminescent algae requires a sample of bioluminescent algae.  These organisms use photosynthesis to produce their own food and grow.  They live a circadian cycle they require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.  The water temperature needs to be around 50°-70°F.

    The algae only produce light in their night cycle and can live off a fluorescent light if natural light is not feasible or  if the dark cycle is not inline with daylight.

    The algae culture will last for about month.  To prolong the algae purchase some growth medium.   This is nutrient seawater for the algae.  This algae does not require aeration of the water.

    Touchy Lite

    2011 - 04.05

    Meet Touchy Lite.

    Science Fair Project

    2011 - 02.03

    For my science fair project I wanted to experiment with splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis.  See  this video for the results of the experiment.