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    Week 6 – Serial Input with Minim

    2009 - 10.22

    Here is a video of a simple interface using the Minim library to play different sounds and to control their volume.

    Here is the link to download the entire program: week6-serialInput

    Arduino Code

    Week 5 – FlickrFeed

    2009 - 10.15

    This week I pull Flickr’s User Feed into Processing and display this first tagged photo of the feed. My visions of grander was greatly impeded when I encountered an error displaying the photos actually size. I had to use the thumbnail size photos of the feed instead.
    Here is a movie of the application.

    FlickrFeed Application

    Week 4 – Droplets Better Using a “Class”

    2009 - 10.01

    Playing around with my new found skills in using a “Class”;  I made Droplets better by allowing each droplet to have their own character.

    Droplets Better

    Week 3 – Droplets

    2009 - 10.01

    This project demonstrates functions becoming objects and using the objects to create multiple objects with slight various.

    Week 3 ICM