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    Week 3 – Oscillation

    2010 - 02.15

    After hours of playing around I manage to create a oscillating ball that follows a figure 8 pattern.  I have a larger center ball that appear to be affected by the oscillation of the smaller ball to give the movement a more natural feel.  It looks like those atomic simulations.

    Flux Capacitor

    Week 2 – Going to Need a Stronger Umbrella

    2010 - 02.01

    For week 2 of Nature of Code, I create a meteor shower using an arrays. The program assigns random velocities, and sizes to each meteor.

    Program runs and looks better if you download the application.

    Download Application

    Meteor Shower From The Nights Sky

    Week 1 – Meteor

    2010 - 01.31

    I wanted to create the motion of a meteor coming into Earth’s atmosphere. Seeing a meteor going through the nights sky is completely random. In my sketch I tried to create a random interval of when the meteors appear.
    Vector Square

    Vector Meteor