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    2010 - 12.08

    For our  midterm assignment we had to create a site using the REST model.  I chose to create site that allows people to post their complaints of an event that bugged them.   This event could be someone cutting the person off in the car, or someone littering, etc….

    By typing add in the url bar, you can log an event.

    You can filter results by state and city.  Here is an example:

    The main URI is http://test.russelldelatorre.com/net/offense/  after “offense”,

    Type “/ak” shows all events for the state of alaska.  add “/sitka” and will show all events for Sitka, Alaska.

    Add any point in the URI you can type “/add” to add an event.


    Traceroute the Earth

    2010 - 10.06

    We had to traceroute 24 different websites.  I decide to try and find websites on every continent even Antarctica.   The results from this assignment were very interesting and surprising.   The routes that the traceroute traveled were counterintuitive.  For instance in my effort to find a server in Antarctica the traceroute traveled from New York to Canada to Alaska and then ending up in New Zealand.  I never made it to Antarctica.  Another interesting result was finding the location for the web server of the government of Ghana, Africa.  It’s not in Ghana but in Atlanta, Georgia.

    In my map below I colored Internet Exchange Providers that appear 3 or more times (the big providers).   I omitted any server addresses that bounced around the same provider.

    Traceroute Report Fan