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    Portfolio Website Design

    2010 - 12.13

    Here is my latest revision to my portfolio website.  I don’t know if I am going to keep this color palette.  It’s too dark for my taste.  I do like the space background that I created.  I also like the transparent backgrounds.

    my website

    Wireframe for Portfolio Site

    2010 - 11.22

    I began laying out the overall structure of my portfolio website.
    Below is the wireframe for the main page and a single post page.
    I am using WordPress for the backbone to my portfolio site. I creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch. You can see my progress of building this theme at robotruss.net.

    Main Page Layout

    Single Post Page Layout

    For the color palette I choose the following colors.

    Color Theory

    2010 - 11.15

    This assignment we had to create two abstract pieces. One displays the use of complementary colors and the other tried to create the effect of transparency by changing the Brightness and Saturation values.

    Complimentary Colors:


    By changing the Brightness and Saturation values of a color creates the illusion of transparency.

    Picking a Theme for Our Portfolio Website

    2010 - 11.08

    For our final project we are going to create a portfolio website for our work at ITP.  This is great because I’ve been meaning to build a portfolio website for a long time now.

    I began searching the web for website that I liked.   I definitely like cartoonish sites that involve nature.  Here are some examples of themes I like to incorporate:






    I have already started with my own theme playing with this idea of a cartoonish nature scene.  I have the scene change based on the time of day.  Right you can override the current theme to see what it will look like at different times of day.  I haven’t finished it but  here it is:


    As for layout of my site I would like have a thumbnail grid to show off my work.  The website below is a great example of this: