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  • Week 2 – LEGO Crane

    2010 - 02.04

    Luis and I met on to build a Lego Crane.  The crane used levers and pulleys two of the simple machines in mechanisms.

    Photo Gallery

    Lego Crane With Hand Crank from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.

    Lego Crane With Motor Winch from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.

    One Response to “Week 2 – LEGO Crane”

    1. Dustyn says:

      Excellent identification of simple machines used in your lego contraption. You also used the wheel and axle (the crank), gears, and even a screw (you can consider the worm gear a kind of screw). 5 out of the 6 simple machines in one little Lego project – not bad!

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