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    Scout V2 – Day 1 – Soldering

    2011 - 02.16

    For day 1, I began to soldered the headers to the Razor IMU and Ardupilot boards. I then checked to see if both boards are working correctly. Test verify that both boards are working properly.

    I am installing an auto-stabliized system on Scout V2.  To achieve this I will be using a inertial measurement unit, or IMU board.  This electronic device tracks and reports the velocity and orientation of the aircraft.   The Razor IMU is a 9 degree of freedom IMU sensor board.   The Razor IMU has a 3-degrees of axis accelerometer, 3-degrees of axis gyro, and 3-degrees magnetometer.   Adding these three sensors degrees of axes together, creates the boards 9-degress of freedom.  The Ardupilot is the brains of Scout V2.   Both the propulsion system and IMU runs through the Ardupilot.  The Ardupilot takes the sensor data from the IMU and adjust the Scout’s propulsion system to both keep the aircraft level and to control auto-navigatation.

    Ardupilot with Soldered Header Pins

    The Razor IMU contains a 3-axis accelerometer, single-axis gyro and a dual-axis gyro, and a triple axis magnetometer