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    Logo Designer – Rob Janoff (Apple Logo)

    2010 - 10.25

    The logo designer that I chose to highlight is Rob Janoff.  Rob Janoff is best known for designing the current Apple logo.  The first iteration was an apple with rainbow colors.  The rainbow was meant to humanize the company.  The bite out of the apple was done so that people didn’t mistaken it for a tomato.  It was also a nerdy play on words bite/byte.

    Designed by Rob Janoff

    The rainbow colors was changed to a monochrome icon because reportedly Steve Jobs wanted a more sophisticated look.

    Logo as of 1998

    Apple’s original logo was designed by Ronald Wayne and feature Newton and the apple tree.  Ronald Wayne was considered the third founder of Apple.  The original logo was soon replaced by Rob Janoff’s logo.

    The first Apple logo was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne