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    2010 - 10.18

    This week we had to design a logo/brand for ourselves.   I chose to use my computer repair business “Sanity Savers”.  I spent a lot of time deciding which typefaces to use.  For “Sanity Saver” I chose Franklin Gothic Std., with a No.2 Roman for font style.  The “PC & Mac Computer Repair” I chose Bank Gothic and Light for font style.  For the contact information I chose Thonburi.  I used a medical cross a universal symbol for help.

    The message I want to convey for my logo and brand is a sense of salvation.  When peoples computers misbehave, people begin to panic and become frustrated.  I want my logo and brand to give the sense that everything will be ok if they contact us.

    Here are the Front and Back of my business card.



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