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  • Picking a Theme for Our Portfolio Website

    2010 - 11.08

    For our final project we are going to create a portfolio website for our work at ITP.  This is great because I’ve been meaning to build a portfolio website for a long time now.

    I began searching the web for website that I liked.   I definitely like cartoonish sites that involve nature.  Here are some examples of themes I like to incorporate:






    I have already started with my own theme playing with this idea of a cartoonish nature scene.  I have the scene change based on the time of day.  Right you can override the current theme to see what it will look like at different times of day.  I haven’t finished it but  here it is:


    As for layout of my site I would like have a thumbnail grid to show off my work.  The website below is a great example of this:



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