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  • Telemetry Receiver vs. Uniden BC346XT-Round 2

    2010 - 04.06

    Taking the advice from Eric Rosenthal I retested the Uniden radio receiver against Tony’s telemetry radio receiver.  I setup the Uniden by turning off all the auto features and manually controlling the frequency stepping.  I used the good collar which has a frequency of 148.500 MHz.  The setting that Eric Rosenthal recommended were set in the first round of testing and remained for this test.  The only change was I set the radio to manual mode instead of automatic.  The second test mimic the first.  I set the collar at a fixed position while I walked away from the collar with the telemetry receiver and the Uniden receiver in my hand.  One curious fact that I found in conducting the test was stepping the frequency higher and lower from the base of 148.500 MHz proved to increase the reception of the signal as I increased distance from the collar.  I stepped the frequency .1 KHz on the telemetry receiver and I stepped the frequency 10 KHz on the Undien (this is the minimal step increment for the Undien).  When I heard the signal dying off I would increment up and down the frequency to improve reception.  This was affective for the telemetry receiver but doing the same to the Uniden did not result in a better reception.  Both receiver received a clear signal for about 300 feet.  After 300 feet the Uniden receiver began to lose the signal as I walked further away.  In short the first test that Zeven and I did were accurate.  The settings that Eric suggested were indeed what we had configured for the first test.

    No change the Uniden scanners won’t work.

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